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 Thursday 22 March 2018

  1900 at Alex Collie Centre 

Next Committee Meeting

Management Committee Meeting

To be held on Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mill of Mundurno


Types of Competitions

Graded meet

Designed to encourage novice swimmers, giving them the opportunity to win a competition.  A cut off time is given for each event.  Swimmers’ entry times must be slower than the time given.  Medals are not awarded to those swimming faster than the cut off time on the day, although a certificate  (a 'speeding ticket') is given to reward such an excellent swim.

Novice gala

This is a relaxed meet aimed at the younger, less experienced swimmer.

Open meet / event

At an open meet (or in an open event) there are no restrictions on age, speed or club affiliation.

COAST mini meets

Throughout the year, COAST organises a series of mini meets for all swimmers from the local  COAST clubs.  The exact format may vary from season to season but the series are always swum in Aberdeen (usually Northfield Pool), against the clock.  There are normally 2/3 meets in the series.   They give everyone the opportunity to race and to obtain up-to-date accredited times, and enable the club to assess our overall performance. 

Beta League

The Beta league is a series of inter club team competitions involving local clubs.   Each event is divided into time bands, with swimmers racing against each other in heats.  Points are awarded according to placing.   If a swimmer swims faster than the cut off time for his/her event, no points are awarded.  Beta league matches are run in a relaxed atmosphere.  The matches are an ideal opportunity for even our most junior swimmers to gain experience and enjoy the fun of swimming for their club in a competition.

The Club Championships

Usually held in December, the club championships are a highlight of the club year.  All swimmers are entered for all events appropriate to their age group and sex.  The emphasis is on participation and fun.

Time Trials

Are held every 3 - 4 months.  Time Trials are used to update old times that a swimmer may have or to get new times.  These times are then used to enter galas.