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 Thursday 22 March 2018

  1900 at Alex Collie Centre 

Next Committee Meeting

Management Committee Meeting

To be held on Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mill of Mundurno


On the Day of A Competition

Swimmers should  be on poolside 15 minutes before the start of the warm-up, always report to the coach on arrival.  During the meet you must always speak to your coach before the warm-up and each race so that you can get advice on your swim.  After your race, again you must go directly to your coach so that you can get feedback on your swim.  All swimmers are at the meet as part of a team and should stay with the team to cheer on their friends and have a good time!

Finally, remember you are at the meet to enjoy yourself with your friends from training and to do your best! Swim well!

Poolside announcements

Swimmers should listen carefully to announcements that are made at the poolside.  These will cover safety as well as general information such as warm up lanes, calls to marshalling etc.

Spectators and waiting swimmers must maintain silence at the start of each race – from the whistle signal indicating that the swimmers should mount the blocks or enter the water, until the race has begun.


Shortly before each event, swimmers will be called to the marshalling area, where they may  be given a time card and organised into their starting order.  When called to their allocated lane, swimmers hand their time cards to the timekeeper for that lane, If there is electronic timing and or  Hy-tek (give your name to the timekeepers) time cards may not be used. 

Award Ceremonies

Where applicable, these usually take place at the end of each session.  There may also be an award ceremony half way through a long session.  Swimmers who win awards should wear their Bridge of Don Top to collect them.  A big cheer from team-mates when the swimmer collects his/her medal would be appreciated!


Competitions can be hot and crowded.  Light clothing and a supply of cold drinks will make for more comfortable spectating. 

Swimmers and spectators alike can do much to encourage our young swimmers with enthusiastic cheering.  Swimmers should remember to support their team-mates when not swimming themselves.  Please remember that there should be silence for the start of each race!

Programmes showing details of all events can be purchased at the competition.