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 Thursday 22 March 2018

  1900 at Alex Collie Centre 

Next Committee Meeting

Management Committee Meeting

To be held on Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mill of Mundurno


Entering a competition

A programme of forthcoming competitions is posted on the notice board at Bridge of Don pool and in newsletters and on the website.  Please keep an eye on these and mark the dates in your diary.   

Entry forms


  • Competition entry forms are distributed to swimmers at training sessions, or e-mailed out to swimmers. These should be completed and returned to the Meet Secretary. Please note that there is a closing date for competition entries and that entry forms must be returned along with the entry fee to the Meet Secretary prior to the date shown.
  • If you have been given an entry form a meet it is because your coach thinks it is because your coach thinks it is of an appropriate standard for you and that you have consideration times for the meet.
  • It is important to check with your coach before entering the meet for advice on which swims to enter for. Sometimes the meet secretary will indicate which swims you have times for.
  • When filling in the form, please enter your SASA number.

The form will always ask for parental help, please indicate if you can help in any way.  If you are going to the meet to watch your child swim you could offer to help the coach chaperone the children poolside.  Parents must have completed a Disclosure Scotland form before they can chaperone.  This not only allows the coach to observe the swimmers in the water during races but also allows them to give feedback to the swimmers on their performance.  We are always looking for parents to time-keep at meets.  If you are interested in doing the club timekeeper’s course (which is easy-peasy!) please speak to a committee member.  The Club must have a representation of officials at North District meets otherwise we are fined, which in turn is passed onto the parents of swimmers involved.  However if for any reason you cannot help at this meet, there is always the next one!

Information on entry forms

Age groups

Most competitions are organised by age group.  The age cut off is decided in one of two ways:

1. "Age on 31st December", i.e. competitor's year of birth.

2. "Age on the day" of the competition.

Please ensure that you check the criteria on the entry form.


Competitions are often divided into two or three sessions, with short breaks in between the sessions.  There will be two times for the start of each session:

1. Warm Up Time

2. Start Time

It is essential that swimmers arrive in time for the warm up.  They should report to the Bridge of Don coach on the poolside, ready to swim, at least 15 minutes before the warm up starts.

The "start time" indicates the time that the actual events will begin.

Entry fees

Entry fees are payable per swim in competitions (usually £3- £5 per event).  These will be requested with the entry forms.  Some competitions are over subscribed, in which case a swimmer’s entry may not be accepted by the competition organisers.  A full refund will be given for any unaccepted swims.  

Confirmation of swims

Notification of accepted swims are always posted on the notice board approximately 2-weeks prior to the gala, and may be e-mailed out to swimmers.  This will not only let you know what swims you will be doing at the gala but also who the coach in charge will be and what time the warm-up is.  Swimmers and parents must check the notice board regularly.  Please do not become downhearted if some of your swims are rejected, it just means that there are too many entries for the meet and unfortunately on this occasion there are faster swimmers.  You will always get your money back for rejected swims.  If a swimmer withdraws after confirmation of their swims, no refund can be given.

Reserve swims

Sometimes a swimmer is allocated a reserve swim by the competition organiser.  He/she will be able to swim in the event if another swimmer withdraws.  If a swimmer does not get the reserve swim a refund will be given.  A refund will only be given if the swimmer has actually gone along to the gala and made themselves available to swim.